Air Conditioning

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At Xcel, we aim to create a cool and comfortable ambiance for your home and workplace. For that, we offer residential and commercial HVAC services. We implement practices that offer you a solution, saving you the hassle of standard maintenance. Our services incorporate freon leaks, board errors, AC repair, installation, and maintenance. Our team is made up of certified technicians who stick to professional decorum while working in your house and are focused on providing a quick and effective solution. Take advantage of the opportunity for a hassle-free cooling experience like never before.


In AC installation, our HVAC technician ensures the correct placement of indoor and outdoor units, securing proper ductwork for efficient airflow. We focus on installing air conditioning systems that minimize energy consumption, providing a cost-effective and environment friendly solution for your cooling needs. Our AC installers check out your entire air conditioning unit to ensure there are no hidden issues.


Our AC repair service deals with everything from minor glitches to major malfunctions. We prioritize handling AC leaks, repairing components, and refilling refrigerant to restore functionality. Our technicians proactively address potential problems and ensure your system runs smoothly, just like when it was first installed. We handle control board issues, replace or repair components, and update firmware for lasting performance. With our comprehensive testing, you can be confident that your AC will keep you cool and comfortable.


We aim to address your unique requirements in our AC maintenance and service. Our team utilizes advanced tools to detect and address freon leaks promptly. Additionally, we analyze error codes and system logs and address issues with sensors, relays, or electronic components to ensure a comprehensive and effective AC maintenance and service experience. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your unit, reduces energy consumption, and optimizes cooling performance.

Excelling Air Conditioning Solutions with Xcel

Installing an air conditioner correctly is of utmost importance. If improperly connected, your AC will provide insufficient cooling and may not operate efficiently it can also create safety and health hazards. At Xcel, we background check and verify every employee to ensure they are honest and reliable, and we use refined parts and equipment, ensuring the long lifespan of your system. We prioritize customer-centric solutions and clear communication, providing you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your comfort. Consider Xcel HVAC services for AC services focusing on both comfort and energy efficiency in your space.

Welcome to Xcel HVAC's Air Conditioning Services, where we redefine cooling for homes and businesses. From efficient repairs to cutting-edge installations, trust us for reliable maintenance and eco-friendly options. Our certified technicians ensure uninterrupted cooling, and our range includes smart thermostat integration for precise control.

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