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$69 for a spring/ fall system tune-up

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At Xcel HVAC, we specialize in installing state-of-the-art heat pumps that provide reliable heating and cooling for your home or business. Our expert technicians ensure hassle-free heat pump installation and optimal performance.

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Our Heat Pump Installation Services

System Design and Consultation

Customizing a heat pump system that fits your specific heating and cooling needs. Providing expert advice on the best type and size of heat pump for your property.

Site Assessment

Conducting a thorough evaluation of your property to determine the optimal location for the heat pump installation And assessing existing ductwork and electrical systems for compatibility.

Professional Installation

Ensuring precise and efficient heat pump Installation by certified technicians by handling all necessary plumbing and electrical connections. 

System Testing and Calibration

Performing rigorous testing to ensure the heat pump operates at peak efficiency, calibrating the system for optimal performance and energy savings.

Ductwork Inspection & Installation

Inspecting existing ductwork for leaks and efficiency and Installing or upgrading ductwork as needed to ensure proper airflow and distribution.

Thermostat Installation

Integrating advanced thermostats for precise temperature control and offering options for smart thermostats to enhance convenience and energy management.

Customer Education and Support

Providing detailed instructions on operating and maintaining the heat pump. Offering ongoing support and answering any questions you may have about your new system.

The Importance of Installing Heat Pumps

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