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Stay comfortable year-round with our reliable HVAC repair services. Our certified technicians are ready to fix any issue, ensuring your system runs smoothly and efficiently.

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$69 for a spring/ fall system tune-up

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Restore Comfort with Our Expert HVAC Repair Services

A well-functioning HVAC system is crucial for maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. At Xcel, we specialize in diagnosing and repairing HVAC issues quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum comfort for your home or business.

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Types of HVAC Repair

Central Air Conditioning


A malfunctioning thermostat can lead to discomfort and inefficiency in your home or business. Our expert technicians diagnose and repair thermostat problems swiftly, ensuring your system operates efficiently and reliably.

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Ductwork issues such as air leaks, poor insulation, and blockages can significantly impact the performance of your HVAC system. Our team specializes in diagnosing and repairing ductwork problems to improve air quality, energy efficiency, and comfort

Window unit

air handler

The air handler is a crucial component of your HVAC system responsible for circulating conditioned air throughout your home or business. Our certified technicians have the expertise to diagnose and repair air handler issues promptly, restoring comfort and efficiency to your space.

Common Issues We Fix

No Cool Air

If your HVAC system is blowing warm air, we diagnose and repair issues preventing effective cooling.

Strange Noises

Banging, clanking, or buzzing noises indicate mechanical problems, which we fix for quiet operation.

Thermostat Issues

We diagnose and repair inaccurate temperature readings or communication problems.

Weak Airflow

Poor airflow due to clogged filters, blocked ducts, or malfunctioning fans is diagnosed and fixed.

Uneven Heating or Cooling

We fix ductwork, thermostats, or equipment issues to ensure consistent comfort.

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